Monday, October 24, 2016

A Rainy Day in Leesburg

Welcome falling rain!
Thirsty roots drink blissfully,
Parched no more, revived.


I have been home here in Leesburg enjoying this much-needed rain, listening to the rain pattering on my roof, nursing a head cold and writing a haiku. I have also been watching a turtle slowly trek his way to our pond. He has a long way to go, but I am betting that he will make it, eventually! I like his quiet, but strong determination. I appreciate his deliberate, mindful pace, and the fact that he takes frequent breaks to chill out when necessary. So far on his commute he has traveled 45 feet in seven hours. No accident on the beltway or subway shutdown is slowing him down; he is a turtle, doing what turtles naturally do, taking his time.  After a considerable journey, and at the rate he is going, it’s probably safe to say that he will make it to the pond sometime in the near future,
and I for one will be cheering him on from the sidelines, envious of his leisurely trip and laid-back demeanor.

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