Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Holiday Wish


How can such a magical time of year, with all the lights, decorations, and cheer, be one of the most stressful, too? I wish I had a good answer, but I don't. I think we put so much pressure on ourselves - or feel pressured by outside sources - for everything to be perfect during the holiday season, that we end up tired and stressed out. Let's be honest, who hasn't hit the "Holiday Wall" at one time or another? I can remember standing in Toys R Us at midnight, blurry eyed, frustrated, and downright angry because they were sold out of some special toy one of my daughters wanted. Or how about the time I had this brilliant idea of making pans and pans of cinnamon rolls by scratch for all my family and friends. I ended up sitting in a heap on our kitchen floor in tears! I will have to say, though, that I came away from that fiasco with a tremendous respect for professional bakers!

This year will be different. Our two daughters are grown and on their own. Honestly, I am looking forward to a very simple Christmas this year with a small tree, a few gifts under it, and spending time with loved ones. And that's my wish for all of you: that in the midst of all the busy-ness, you will find a glimmer of simplicity. A moment to sit with a cup of tea and a good book; a nice dinner and conversation with a loved one; a walk in the woods; quiet time for prayer or meditation; or simply taking several deep breaths.

Taking the time to stop occasionally throughout the season and to jump off the holiday treadmill is oh-so-important for our self-care. Please take care of yourself during the next few weeks and end the year on a healthy note.*

Peace to all,