Saturday, March 10, 2012

Body Grace is Branching Out into the Community

This past week, three of our Body Grace instructors had the amazing opportunity to teach for the James Madison High School freshman P.E. department. The teachers at Madison wanted to give their students a taste of other fitness modalities, so they invited trainers to come and share their expertise with the P.E. classes. Diane Rogers and Carlos Valdes-Dapena team-taught a yoga unit on Monday and Tuesday; Julie Moore taught Pilates on Wednesday.

The P.E. teachers at Madison know that other outlets for physical activity and exercise need to be offered for teens who are not athletic or don’t want to play a competitive sport. Many of our teens are already seeing chiropractors and physical therapists for back and neck issues due to poor posture from sitting too much, heavy book bags and stress.

As Carlos posted on his Facebook wall, they reached over 300 students in two days! Diane shared this with me, “Carlos and I were so impressed at how engaged and enthusiastic the P.E. staff and students were. Some of the athletes were humbled by their difficulties in Warrior 3 and some of the less-athletic types seemed happy to learn this new form of physical activity.”

Julie had a similarly positive experience, finding the students friendly, completely engaged and open-minded. And like Diane and Carlos, she got a positive response from students she perceived as less athletic who seemed proud to be able to do many of the exercises she offered. Julie summed it up beautifully when she said, “I think the P.E. teachers accomplished their goal of exposing kids to something new and capturing their imagination of what they might do in the future.” A huge kudos to the Madison teachers for thinking outside the box!

I am so proud of the teaching team here at Body Grace! So many of you have expressed to me how caring and dedicated all the teachers are and how non-intimidating the studio atmosphere is. Mission accomplished! Our vision is that Body Grace grows into a nurturing studio where people can care for themselves, body, mind and spirit, and that we will continue to branch out into the community.