Thursday, August 4, 2011


Driving to the bank one beautiful, sunny day in June, I approached an elementary school; as I waited at the stop sign, I noticed a large number of students outside on the front lawn, under the trees doing some sort of outdoor activity. They were split up into four or five groups with an adult supervising each group. As I was driving past, one little boy caught my eye. He was standing off by himself, hands jammed into his pants pockets, looking down to the ground with an adult standing close by. Maybe I’m making an assumption here, but it sure looked like a time-out situation to me. All I could do was smile all the way to the bank as memories of time-outs while raising my two daughters came rushing back to me.

Time-outs are great! When our kids are little, time-outs give them a break from some kind of undesirable action, teaching them to calm down, cool off and/or to think about the consequences of their action. Sports teams use time-outs to regroup and strategize when the competition gets intense, creating a stronger team. Grown-ups need time-outs too. We may not call them that, but having a spa day; getting away on vacation; sitting for a few moments in meditation; taking some long, slow deep breaths during a stressful situation are all time-outs.

I’m putting myself in time-out for a couple of weeks at the end of August, taking some time to replenish myself at the beach and eat lots of pie!

Some of our amazing Body Grace teachers will be filling in for me.

And the whole studio will be closed from Saturday, August 27 through Monday, September 5, giving our teachers and the studio a nice break before returning to a full schedule in September.

I will send out another email within the next two weeks with a modified schedule for the time I will be away, as well as post the schedule in the studio and on the blog.