Thursday, September 1, 2011

Through The Eyes Of A Crayon

Here it is, the last hurrah of summer! Can you feel fall in the air? I certainly can. This has always been one of my favorite times of the year. The final weeks of summer are always full of anticipation. When my two daughters were growing up, I use to love the final week of August before school started. That was our week to go shopping for new clothes and shoes; we’d have our little fashion show at home, putting outfits together trying to make that critical decision on what to wear the first day of school.

Oh and how I will miss rushing out to buy all the new school supplies.

Starting the new school year with fresh notebooks and paper was always a must. Pens and pencils, I have decided, must end up in the same place as the missing socks from the laundry, because we were constantly buying packages of both!

To this day, however, there is one school supply that still gets my heart fluttering: crayons. Cracking open a fresh box of crayons for the first time, marveling at all the beautiful colors, enjoying the newness of each crayon with its fresh point and fully intact paper covering; inhaling that waxy scent always made me smile. It is truly one of my favorite things.

Coloring is calming and meditative. For those people who find it hard to sit in meditation, try coloring. Did you know there are some beautiful meditation coloring books available? They usually are printed in the shape of Mandalas, (the Sanskrit word for circle or center), which is considered to be a symbolic shape representing wholeness and unity. But you don’t need a special book, just some plain paper does the trick too.

Several years ago I attended a conference and Mare Petras, a motivational speaker, had this to say about crayons:

“We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Some have different and unusual names; and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.”

Who knew colorful, waxy sticks had so much to teach us? They not only allow artistic creativity, but also a meditative experience, not to mention their symbolism of living together in an accepting and peaceful world.



This fall will bring lots of new and exciting offerings at Body Grace!

New classes and teachers, another meditation session and a Sunday afternoon class to name just a few.

Be on the lookout for future emails with more information.

Below is the schedule for the next two weeks.

All classes will resume Tuesday, September 6

Pilates starts back on Thursday, September 8, 9:30 am

(Please note that the 8:30 am class will no longer be offered)

Teen Yoga starts on Wednesday, September 14, 4:15 pm

New Class

Gentle Yoga with Jan on Mondays 11:00 am – Noon

Starting September 12

For all of you who requested a gentle practice later in the morning here it is! This is a wonderful class for everyone but will be particularly beneficial for anyone with minor limitations.